Behind the Scenes

Kickstarter Has Launched!

We have launched our back parking lot orchard/rain garden project on Kickstarter. It will provide hundreds of pounds of fruit and vegetables in a food desert while protecting a designated trout stream from runoff. Plus it will be darn cool. We need to raise $10,000. And we need to raise… Read More →

Lincoln Park Neighbors Save The Day!

We had a water line freeze and break today but we are still open for business. No, we didn’t figure out a sophisticated technique for running a restaurant without water. Rather, our neighbors jumped in to help us get connected to their water supply so we could continue to operate.… Read More →

New Vegan Ice Cream

We added homemade vegan ice cream to our menu last week. It’s creamy and sweet, with a gentle key lime tang and hints of mango. But—as usual—the story behind it is the best part. “[It’s] homemade, from scratch,” manager Louis Hanson begins. “Made from a vision Louis had,” fellow manager… Read More →