The Parking Lot Orchard Is Getting Close

In light of recent developments in Colorado and Washington, you might  ask exactly what we’re buying when we place an order for Purple Haze, Eastern Prince, and Mountain Rose. Well–it’s not what you’re thinking. Those plants are actually an Akebia spp.vine, a schisandra vine, and apple trees for our new… Read More →

Tropical Fish at 20 Below

You can close the schools, but you can’t get it cold enough to stop Francois. Our fantastic French  foodie farmer is now a phenomenal fisherman as well—or at least a fishery manager. We’ve been trying to get our semi-indoor, semi-outdoor aquaponics system set up for a couple of years now,… Read More →

Our Kickstarter Heroes

Thanks to the following people (and a few who remained anonymous), we were able to reach our Kickstarter goal and beyond. Check back in spring for more updates on our parking lot orchard/rain garden, which is already well under way and just needs to be planted. (Names listed as they… Read More →

The Garden Is Under Way

It’s been an exciting fall. We’ve dug out a big space in the middle of the lot, piled up the giant logs, studded the pile with giant bluestone boulders, and poured good, clean dirt over the whole thing. The sun shining on the boulders, along with the decomposition of the… Read More →