Local Suppliers

Cutting Edge Cutting Boards

We are very proud of our new Epicurean cutting board display, and not just because the company is nearly next door. “They’re a west Duluth company that on a national level are one of the most innovative, eco-minded companies that’s in the cutting board business,” Tom says. “You go to… Read More →

Friends In High Places

The Duluth food community is vibrant and growing, from beekeepers to gardeners to artisan gin. Our friends at Spirit Mountain Farm are helping that community grow stronger with a series of workshops aimed at bringing sustainability and a DIY ethos to more people. These are the incredible workshops they have… Read More →

Mug Shots

When designing the latest round of mugs for the Duluth Grill, potter Karin Kraemer decided on an unconventional theme: chickens. While Rolf Hagberg’s chicken glamour photos have given new life to an old bird (one even appears in our cookbook), Kraemer said her own inspiration started closer to home. “I… Read More →

500 Pounds of Peppers

If you gave most people 500 pounds of fresh bell peppers, they would panic. At the Duluth Grill? Well, we still sort of panicked. “When I walked into the cooler I was like ‘whoa’,” manager Jeff Petcoff said. “I felt like I was on an episode of Hoarders.” The story… Read More →