New Item

Our Second Cookbook is Here!

Less than four years after our first cookbook hit the shelves we are back with a brand new book. It almost didn’t happen. After book one, we thought we had retired from both the detective business and book publishing for good. But when a mysterious foe long thought dead reappeared, we knew we… Read More →

Biscuits and Gravy are Delicious

Bacon and guacamole. Bleu cheese and grapes. There are a lot of good “BG” combos in the history of dining, but none quite like biscuits and gravy. Back in the olden days, we had biscuits and gravy on our menu, but took it off when we realized nothing about it was homemade. Our… Read More →

Sorbet Alert!

Well, the Tarragon-Before-You-Know-It Sorbet is (tarra)gone. In its place we’ve invented a new creamy vegan super dessert—a Chocolate-Avocado-Coconut Sorbet served on a vegan sugar cookie. “It’s basically your regular sugar cookie, with coconut oil instead of butter,” Dan says. “It’s really good.” The dessert is creamy with a texture exactly… Read More →

Tarragon Ice Cream

Everything has its reason, and when it comes to our new open faced ice cream sandwich, that reason is simple. “Tom said we had to make ice cream,” Louis Hanson says. And when the boss says to do something, you do it–especially when it’s your dad. The ice cream is… Read More →

Cool Menu Item: Lovage Lemonade

You’ve tried mint lemonade, beet lemonade, and maybe even basil lemonade. But you probably haven’t tried lovage lemonade yet. Lovage is a plant that grows well in our parking lot gardens and while it’s not especially common, the flavor is very familiar. “It’s kind of like celery in that it… Read More →