Life To The Max

Who says there’s nothing good on late night TV? If you were watching WCCO–TV Channel 4 in Minneapolis or St. Paul at 11pm on December 13, you saw a few familiar faces. That’s because we were featured on Life to the Max, an inspirational program that covers deep human interest stories.… Read More →

Duluth Grill Featured in Relish Magazine

America’s largest food publication called the parking lot a paved paradise for its bountiful gardens. With Duluth’s frigid winters and short growing season, sourcing local food isn’t as easy for us as it is for restaurants in Berkley or even Manhattan. We’re proud of what we’re able to source locally,… Read More →

Getting Noticed

We Minnesotans aren’t that good at taking compliments—our normal reaction is to stare at our feet until they stop. And the Duluth Grill wasn’t started to get praise. But, people seem to like what we’re doing here. A lot. Whether it’s our homemade comfort food like pancakes, pasties, and bison… Read More →