DG Customers Give $1210 To Veterans

Iwo JimaHey, we’ve got an update for everyone that donated to MACV (the Minnesota Assistance Council For Veterans) this winter through the Duluth Grill.

Here’s a reminder of how this worked. If you bought $100 in Duluth Grill gift cards, we gave you a $20 gift card. If you donated it to MACV we agreed to make it a $40—so for every $100 you spent with us we donated $40. A couple of people just straight up bought gift cards for MACV too.

You agreed to turn over $605 of cards, which means the total money to MACV was $1210 (since we doubled it). They’re using the money to feed homeless veterans and veterans in need, so your money was well spent. Thank you for your support.

And if you’re a veteran…thank you for your service!