Duluth Grill Gift Cards

Our gift cards are perfect for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and showing appreciation. Check out the list below for more ideas.


Duluth Grill Gift cards make the perfect gift for everyone. Don’t believe us? Check out this exhaustive list of everyone…

Corporate Clients
Impress your clients with your commitment to the local community, while providing them the chance to dine on classy meals like smoked salmon or braised lamb shanks.
Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Oh la la! What could be more romantic than a banana cream pie for two?
The Health-Conscious
With all-natural smoothies, big salads full of fresh local produce, and veggie-stuffed vegan entrees, we’re the place to go for those watching their waistline.
Big Eaters
Want massive chunks of bison and potatoes, deep fried whitefish with homemade tartar sauce, or a juicy burger with homemade fries? You’ll find it here.
Those Looking for Something Simple
We’ve got plenty of old-fashioned favorites, like a turkey dinner with homemade cranberry sauce, pasties, and a Friday night fish fry.
Adventurous Eaters
Smoked salmon in an Ethiopian teff wrap, pasta with tarragon, toasted pumpkin seeds, and capers, or a roasted duck confit omelet are just the beginning of an incredibly varied menu.
We take dietary restrictions seriously, and you’ll find plenty of delicious, creative and varied food without wheat or animal products.
Old Friends and Family
There’s no better place to get together than a leisurely meal at the Duluth Grill.

Alright, you. You’ve already read this far. It’s time to go ahead and get that gift card.