Jobs / Catering Server

Duluth Grill Catering Servers  will greet guests, escort them to seats, hand guests menus, take food and drink orders, serve beverages and food in a variety of different locations and environments.  Catering Servers also answer questions: explain menu items according to our specification.  Servers are responsible to keep tables and dining areas clean and organized. Servers work as part of a team and are required to help coworkers in order to improve work flow and service satisfaction.

Servers must be professional in appearance and manners, polite and reliable.  Servers need to be familiar with the menu and how things are prepared, how they taste, and be able to describe food items proficiently.  Servers must be able to handle special requests to our menu.

Servers are on their feet most of the time and carry food, dishes, glassware, beverage trays and often time able to carry heavy trays weighing up to 30 pounds.  During busy times servers work under pressure to serve guests quickly and efficiently, as well as assist coworkers simultaneously.  The work is relatively safe, but care must be taken to avoid slips, falls, burns and lifting injuries.

Essential Functions: