Life To The Max

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Host Liz Colin carefully contemplates words of wisdom from Tom.

Who says there’s nothing good on late night TV? If you were watching WCCO–TV Channel 4 in Minneapolis or St. Paul at 11pm on December 13, you saw a few familiar faces. That’s because we were featured on Life to the Max, an inspirational program that covers deep human interest stories. Here’s the blurb:

Guest host Liz Colin visits this celebrated Duluth Grill in Minnesota to see what all the talk is about. In 2001, Tom and Jaima Hanson purchased an Embers Restaurant. Thirteen years later, they have found therecipe for a thriving diner that serves home cooking and employs more than 100 people from the Duluth area. They have taken the concepts of locally grown and locally sourced to a new level. Tune-in for a tour of the kitchen and get a glimpse of the making of their magical banana cream pie.

Check out the full segment here:

By the way, the segment right after ours on the same program features an interview with Louis Zamperini. He’s the prisoner of war featured in the movie Unbroken, who survived 47 days floating in the Pacific after his plane crashed and then a harrowing ordeal in a Japanese prison camp. It’s a sobering story and worth watching. If you are a veteran, thank you for your service!

Posted in Press on January 14, 2015