The Parking Lot Orchard Is Getting Close

Early Golden Persimmon

Early golden persimmon.

In light of recent developments in Colorado and Washington, you might  ask exactly what we’re buying when we place an order for Purple Haze, Eastern Prince, and Mountain Rose. Well–it’s not what you’re thinking. Those plants are actually an Akebia spp.vine, a schisandra vine, and apple trees for our new hugel bed in the back parking lot.

Yes,  it’s really happening! Even as the Winter That Never Ends keeps piling on the snow, we’re trusting that things will warm up soon. So we’ve placed an order for 31 trees from One Green World. We’re bringing in persimmon, apricot, elderberry, mulberry, honeyberry, and arctic raspberry bushes. One particularly fun plant is the arctic kiwi, also known as the Siberian kiwi. It’s smaller than its better known cousin and bald instead of hairy, but otherwise, yes, it’s a kiwi that you can grow right in Duluth!

If you haven’t been following our hugel bed story, here’s the short version. We wanted to protect Miller Creek from runoff, use our space better, and figure out fun ways to grow more food. So last year we crowdsourced a large sustainable garden. By piling logs and rocks together and covering it with dirt and plants, you get a self-fertilizing and self-aerating garden–as the logs rot slowly over fifty years or so they release nutrients and mix up the soil a bit.

It’s also a piece of beauty in the neighborhood. We love Lincoln Park and would like to throw in a few flowers and a splash of greenery and color in a place that has a lot of asphalt and concrete. We’ll let anyone visit our garden, even if they’re not eating at the restaurant.

We will keep you in the loop as far as planting days, especially if we end up needing volunteers. We’ll also let the media know so you may see this on the news–they’ve asked us to keep them up to date on our progress and we’re happy to do so. Community gardening is enjoyable and good for everyone so we plan to do as much of it as we can!

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