Why We’re Raising Rabbits

There are no animal products in this quinoa curry bowl. Photo by Rolf Hagberg.

There are no animal products in this quinoa curry bowl. Photo by Rolf Hagberg.

When we announced on the news that we were raising rabbits a few of our loyal customers were concerned. Somehow it seems easier to eat pork or beef from the grocery store than to grapple with the idea of eating an animal you may have raised as a pet.

We have always advocated for vegetarians and our new menu is very friendly for vegans and even raw vegans. We’re not 100% pure on any one issue but we are diligently seeking a better way and continue to improve. Whatever lifestyle you choose to practice, we want to support it.

When it comes to meat eating, we want to support farms that treat animals well. Pigs are very social and intelligent creatures, and so we support pasture-raised pigs like those from YKer Acres. We do the same with cattle (Thousand Acres) and chickens (Gerber’s Amish Farm). It would be arbitrary and cruel to single out one animal like the rabbit as deserving of honor while we continue to eat other animals. Some have argued that keeping rabbits in captivity as pets away from their natural environment is wrong. Obviously we don’t take a stand either way!

These are difficult issues. If you choose to eat meat, we encourage you to eat responsibly raised meat, rabbit or otherwise, and we want to contribute to that discussion. If it troubles your conscience, we’re happy to serve you another meat or a vegetarian option instead. But we’re going to do our best to keep things local and we want to serve quality, clean meat from animals that are treated well. And that’s why we’re raising rabbits!