Welcome Back!

May 11, 2020

Hello! The title is true; we are back blogging again! The downtime that emerged during the first month of our teams self-isolation had us brainstorming and craving creativity. The questions kept popping back up in the back of our heads — How do we communicate with our guests moving forward? How do we keep this strong connection that we effortlessly gained during years and years of hospitality? Simply put, we miss you. We miss the conversations and stories shared with our guests. We miss sharing our recipes. We miss making suggestions for the best spot to picnic, or where to get the best view of our amazing city. We miss the connection. We have come to realize that our connection to our guests that have turned to family over these last 19 years is not one that we can let go of lightly.

As we begin to navigate the curious world we have been put in, make sure you keep up with us here! We will be featuring a variety of content on a regular basis! Anyone who knows Tom Hanson and the clan, knows that we love a good story, sharing a recipe, and supporting our local suppliers, vendors, makers, and more. 

Here is what you can plan on finding on our blog:

We are so happy to be back, physically and back in the blogging-world! You can expect to hear from us soon!