Duluth Grill Entrance - 27th Avenue West, Duluth, MN

Lincoln Park Craft District

27th Avenue West designates the half way point of Duluth from end to end. It is easily accessible from downtown via Superior Street or Michigan Street, from I-35 North or South, and virtually any avenue coming down the western hillside. Our boundaries are both fun and easy to remember. Locals describe the boudaries as “from the point of rocks to the ore docks, and the shoreline to skyline.” Lincoln Park is part residential, part industrial, and part commercial.

We are the home of Duluth’s Children’s Museum, THREE craft breweries, the city’s only TWO cider distilleries, the Heritage Sports Cender, Clyde Iron Event Center and some really great late nigh pizza right down the street at Lee’s Pizza. 27th Ave West is also the gateway to the Lincoln Park Craft District. Our neighborhood has deep roots and great pride in getting things done. We are makers of beer, sewers of textiles, fixers of engines, hand crafters, teachers, artisans and builders. We not only know how to plant the seeds – we also know how to prepare the meal and bake the bread.

These days the word “craft” is used a lot, but in our Lincoln Park, that word is our life and our livelihood. We thank you for visiting us today and encourage you to appreciate the hard work and dedication to quality that goes into local businesses of all kinds whether they are down the street from us, or in your own hometown. Thank you for supporting us while we are #craftingsomethingreat today.