Red Flannel Hash

May 27, 2020
Red Flannel Hash
Photography by Rolf Hagberg

Why stick to boring old hash browns when you can make this colorful combo of sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and more? Red Flannel Hash is extremely simple, easy and nutritious! Learn how to make it stop by step below! Meal Prep Tip: After baking and slicing, these can be wrapped individually and frozen.



Red flannel hash is a transformative dish that can be served with breakfast, lunch (how delicious would it be on a salad?!), or even accompany your dinner as a delicious roasted vegetable side dish. Not big on cooking, or don’t have the time? You can order directly from us! If you do decide to recreate this recipe, tag us on Facebook or Instagram, @duluthgrill. Looking for more recipes by us? Looking forward to seeing your recreations!