A Visit From The Future

The other day we got a very unusual visit. Some of our older guests experienced ancient history (like the era where people talked to each other instead of their phones, or where gas was $1.50 a gallon), but until late July we’ve never met anyone from theĀ future. But all that… Read More →

Industrial Strength Burger

Some days you want a vegan sorbet. But then, other days, you want a big, juicy burger–preferably with onion rings. They say “go big or go home”. We didn’t want to go home (too cold this time of year) so we decided to go big. The Industrial Burger features a… Read More →

Free Food For Veterans on Monday

It’s Veterans Day, so all day Monday, November 11, current or former members of any branch of the service can come in and have any single menu item for free. Thanks for your service, we appreciate your sacrifice!